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I’ve been receiving acupuncture treatment from Debbie for over three years now, for various health conditions such as anxiety management, digestive problems and more recently during my pregnancy to help with my pre-natal symptoms. I am really grateful to Debbie, as she has not only been my practitioner but has also been a great listener when my anxieties have been at their worst. I am a great beliver in acupuncture treatment as it has always been a positive experience, and for me it complements my health needs. Thank you!  Liz


I’ve been seeing Debbie for 6 months for Acupuncture for my Meniere’s disease. Although sceptical at first I had got to a point where I would try anything to help. I was rather nervous but Debbie is so calming I soon started to relax and switch off. I now have acupuncture every 3 weeks. It is something I do for myself and not only does Debbie do Acupuncture but she listens to how my health has been so it’s been therapeutic  to talk about everything that’s been bothering me which could affect my health and stress levels. I never feel rushed and it is a very calming atmosphere which is what is needed. With regard to my Meniere’s disease it hasn’t cured it as there is no cure BUT I have not had a severe debilitating attack since having acupuncture.  Zoe

Hip pain

I suffer from arthritis of the hips combined with back issues. After a bad flare up lasting nearly 8 months, Acupuncture enabled me to return to work . It helps me to cope with the physical demands of my job by increasing mobility and easing pain. It also provides relief  for a long term problem with anxiety and depression. Mark

 Back and Knee pain

I suffer from arthritis of the back and knees, I take many different pain medications but in most cases only get mild relief from the constant pain. I have found that I get more relief with acupuncture than conventional medicines, in fact I can have more days of pain relief from 1 treatment session than I get from my usual medication. James


I have suffered with Migraine’s for several years and have tried quite a lot of different treatments but to no joy.  I have been having acupuncture for several months now and have the frequency has decreased.  I am more relaxed and have done some changes to my diet and lifestyle.  Amanda


I came to Debbie suffering from terrible insomnia.  After just a few sessions I saw improvements, and 18 months on I’m so much better.  I still see Debbie regularly and she helps me to keep stress and sleepless nights at bay.  She’s professional, caring and always willing to help however she can.  I honestly don’t know what I’d have done without her!  Helen

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