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We were trying for a baby for three years without success and no explanation for not conceiving. After doing a little research I discovered that acupuncture may help.
Debbie was recommended by a friend, she was very supportive, knowledgeable and empathetic. She fully explained the process so that my husband and I could make an informed decision on whether this treatment would be right for our situation.
We decided to give it a go and at each session Debbie was very professional and caring, taking the time to fully explain everything that she was doing and the reasons behind it. I work shifts and Debbie was more than accommodating in working the treatment around my lifestyle. She carried out the treatment at my home which also helped put me at ease.
I am now pleased to say that we are 37 weeks pregnant, expecting our first little boy! I strongly believe that acupuncture helped us conceive.
I would highly recommend Debbie to others and will not hesitate to receive treatment from her in the future.

I have recently had fertility acupuncture by Debbie Smith. She is professional, caring, flexible and very knowledgeable when it came to my needs. She calmed my anxieties during the difficult stages of IVF and was able to see me at the last minute for pre and post transfer. I would highly recommend Debbie and acupuncture for anyone with fertility problems or any other health conditions. I was successful in my IVF and cannot thank Debbie enough for all her help and support. Thank you Debbie x

When we first came to Debbie, we had just finished our first failed IVF cycle. We decided to try acupuncture as we had read that it can help you relax and this was something we definitely needed to do before and during our next cycle. At our first consultation it was clear that Debbie’s knowledge of fertility issues was vast and we immediately knew we were in the right place.
We started weekly sessions of acupuncture a month before starting our next IVF cycle. We found it very relaxing and looked forward to the sessions. Debbie took the time to get to know us and she was great to talk to about it all.
Our second cycle was a success and we are now expecting twins. We strongly believe that without Debbie’s help it would not have happened so quickly. It helped us to be far more relaxed, less anxious and it may have even helped improve the quality of sperm as this was something that improved significantly between our IVF cycles.
I decided to continue with weekly acupuncture and I am now 31 weeks pregnant.

After learning that my partner and I were to undergo IVF, I heard great things about the benefits of acupuncture. In the 6 months leading up to treatment, I had weekly acupuncture sessions with Debbie. It completely changed my life. Not only did I find I was able to handle stress and my emotions better, but I had a positive outlook on the whole process throughout. My partner even gave it a go and enjoyed the treatment himself!

I was delighted to become pregnant after my first round of IVF. I honestly believe this was down to the acupuncture treatments I had beforehand. I was relaxed, and ready for the process and intend to go to Debbie again for baby number 2! I recommend Debbie wholeheartedly for anyone in need of relaxation or a baby!

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