The Zen Den Journey

It is over a year since I was excited to tell you all about the “Zen Den” I had meant to blog as it all took shape but unfortunately that was not to be. However, I would like to share with you some of the photographs taken as my garden and work space took place.


This is a photograph of my garden almost four years ago, you can just about see my Working Cocker Spaniel puppy Gizmo in the bottom right hand corner. He is still a cutie but somewhat bigger now.

In June 2017 I had been given permission to build a work space in my garden where I could practice acupuncture, the first order of business was to remove the turf.

Next we laid the framework for the log cabin that would become the clinic area, we also took delivery of four bulk bags of limestone chippings.

Once the frame was down we measured up for the position of the cabin.

The “Zen Den” finally up.

The decking to the front and side, with my granddaughter helping.

As far as the garden space is concerned we used reed screening and bamboo to create a sort of oriental feel, finished off with some very lovely sweet peas, wisteria and a large jasmine.

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